06 FEb 2023

National Apprenticeship Week

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, we’re excited to join in the celebration! At Quantum Pharmaceutical, we recognise the significance of apprenticeships and their ability to bring together young talent and experienced professionals.

In 2023, our apprenticeships offer mentorship and guidance to the next generation of talent, helping them realise their potential in the field of pharmaceuticals.

Hear from our current and past apprentices as they share their thought on their unique experiences and why this career path was right for them.

“Working while you learn is an excellent way for us to build our knowledge and our skill portfolio. Our team are always happy to help with our studies where possible and is very supportive.”

(Ella Aldred, Administration Assistant & India Sherwin, Customer Service Assistant)

“As an apprentice, I gained valuable skills thanks to the support provided at Quantum Pharmaceuticals. Now, I’m an Aseptic Quality Supervisor responsible for quality checks on order approvals across our aseptic service.

(Ben Davison, Aseptics Quality Supervisor)

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