Ask your pharmacist (AYP) week occurs every year and is organised by the National Pharmacy Association (NPA). This year‘s week of awareness will take place from the 7th - 14th November and is a chance for pharmacies to engage further with local communities.

NPA Head of Communications, Stephen Fishwick, said:

“This year, the NPA intends to put a fresh gloss on last year‘s Medicines and More campaign. In particular we will raise the bar on previous AYP campaigns in terms of the digital assets to support the initiative. Social media will play a bigger part than in years past. The theme is deliberately broad, to give maximum flexibility for pharmacies and pharmacy stakeholders to focus on local priorities.” ¹

Quantum Pharmaceutical fully support the NPA and this coming week of activities and encourage our pharmacists to engage their key stakeholders to promote community pharmacy services. The NPA have suggested that the week could be used for:

  • Promoting a specific new or existing service
  • Providing free blood pressure checks
  • Inviting local dignitaries and politicians to visit for a health check and learn more about services on offer
  • Inviting customers and patients to take part in the NPA‘s online ‘Discover your Local Pharmacy Quiz’
  • Offering lifestyle advice in a particularly engaging way, such as an interactive display of safe alcohol limits

NPA members will be able to access posters, infographics, video assets, PowerPoint presentations, talk notes for community talks and other resources by visiting


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