Formulation advice at your fingertips

Noel Wicks, Managing Director at Right Medicine Pharmacy Ltd comments, "When looking for a supplier, we were ultimately looking for a service that fits the needs of our Business. We are an award-winning pharmacy that are known for providing a quality service and advice to our customers and it‘s important to us that we maintain this level of service."

"The support that Quantum Pharmaceutical provides our pharmacy staff around product formulations is really valuable in helping us deliver the right medication for patients‘ needs and maintaining our level of care. Our staff can ask questions around item suitability or alternative strengths and forms, which gives the team clarity and ensures patient safety is not jeopardised."

Saving you time to focus on patients

We appreciate the ever-growing workload pharmacy staff have to contend with and that time is extremely valuable. With everything we do, we look to support pharmacy staff, take some of the burden away and free up their time to work on helping patients.

As frequent users of our special obtains service, Richard Harris, Senior Pharmacist of Everetts said "We use Quantum Pharmaceutical‘s special obtains service as we find it saves us valuable time to focus on our patients and in driving their safety."

"In order to provide our customers with a quality service, we need time to focus on their individual needs so that their safety isn‘t compromised. By taking away the arduous tasks of ringing around different suppliers to find the obtains we need, we can put that time back into our patients‘ care. It also means we have time to focus on the services we provide to the community - something that has become increasingly important as part of the Government‘s drive to integrate pharmacies into delivery of primary care."

Quality medication delivered when you need it

With all of our unlicensed medication, we want our customers to be sure that our products have been produced to the highest calibre and are available when patients need them. One way we provide confidence in the quality of our products, is supplying individual unlicensed medicines with Certificates of Conformity (CofC). Tying this with our next-morning delivery means we always deliver quality products quickly.

Steve Murphy, Operations Manager from Norsworthy, explains the importance of quality and speed to his pharmacy operations, "What we wanted from an unlicensed medication supplier was quality products that could be delivered to us the next day. Providing this level of service to our customers allows us to showcase our commitment to meet patients‘ needs and working with Quantum Pharmaceutical, I know this is possible."

"It can be critical to many patients‘ health that they receive their medication as quickly as possible. So, it‘s reassuring to know that Quantum Pharmaceutical not only do next morning deliveries but provide late cut offs. This is really helpful for staff knowing they can order as late as 9pm but still receive the medication the next morning."

"We are confident in the quality of medication we receive as the correct documentation is always supplied. Knowing that quality is taken so seriously means we have one less thing to think about."

Helping you drive patient safety

We put patient safety and quality at the centre of everything we do. To learn more about the support we offer to drive patient safety, please contact your dedicated Account Manager or alternatively, call 01207 279 400 or email