From Friday the 1st June 2018 Quantum Pharmaceutical will be unable to release orders without written confirmation.

Last year the MHRA released a statement highlighting the expectations for unlicensed medicine orders from Special Manufacturers. Regulations state that all unlicensed orders must be submitted in writing in the interest of protecting patient safety.

The MHRA guidelines state, “manufacturers licensed to make specials must get confirmation of orders in writing, for example by email, fax or via an online ordering system provided by the manufacturer*.”

Quantum Pharmaceutical is built on a foundation of quality and as such wish to ensure all of our partners are aware of the regulation and are compliant.

The easiest way to stay complaint is to order via our Online form or via Fax.

To ensure we are fully compliant with the MHRA regulations your order will not be released if an electronic confirmation is not received (please note this is within 1 hour for phone order e-confirmations).

Please note that we cannot guarantee that your order will be released if no written confirmation is received!

Full details regarding our ordering options and process can be found Here.

If you have any questions concerning order compliance or our ordering options, please contact your Account Manager or the Customer Service Team on 0800 043 9372.