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When a patient needs a product that can’t be sourced from a mainline wholesaler, Quantum Pharmaceutical is here to help. We understand that your time can’t be spent sourcing items from multiple suppliers, which is why we offer a fully comprehensive service.

As the UK’s trusted manufacturer of unlicensed medicines and special obtains, we offer an extensive range of products from our ever-expanding portfolio. In addition to our portfolio of products, we also have a large network of hundreds of suppliers to ensure every customers’ needs are met.

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Unlicensed Medicines

Our extensive range of unlicensed medicines offers a plethora of formulations for your patients’ exacting requirements. Produced in our MHRA licensed manufacturing facility to strict quality standards, our vast product range includes:

  • Liquid preparations (solutions and suspensions)
  • Tablets
  • Creams, ointments, lotions and gels
  • Ear drops and nasal drops
  • Capsules
  • Oral Syringes
  • Suppositories, enemas and pessaries

All of our unlicensed medicines are supplied with a Certificate of Conformity (CofC) or Certificate of Analysis (CofA).

Batch-made Unlicensed Medicines

Quantum Pharmaceutical recognise the need to supply a wide range of batch-made unlicensed medicines with extended shelf-lives to our customers. In order to expand the range of batch-made unlicensed medicines we offer, our manufacturing facility underwent significant investment in February 2018.

All of our batch-made unlicensed medicines are manufactured to a standard formula, having undergone full stability testing and the release of finished product is QP certified. All our batch-made unlicensed medicines also come with a Certificate of Analysis (CofA) and a product profile.

Special Obtains

With links to hundreds of suppliers across the UK, Quantum Pharmaceutical has seamless access to thousands of obtain lines. Our service is designed to track down those hard-to-source products usually unavailable from regular mainline wholesalers such as whitelist appliances, Dermocosmetics and made-to-measure hosiery and dressings.

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